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George C. Marshall High School Class Of 1990-1990

George C. Marshall High School Class Of 1990-1990
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Welcome George C. Marshall High School Class Of 1990!

Can you believe it has been almost twenty years since we graduated from George C. Marshall High School? Where has the time gone??? Weren’t we JUST rocking out to Aerosmith, going on dates to see Pretty Woman, watching “Who’s the Boss” and “Beverly Hills 90210” on TV, spraying our big hair and flipping up the collars of our rugby shirts??  Doesn’t it seem like we just graduated?   Now here we are, gearing up for our big 20th -- That is 2 decades people!!

A lot has happened to us in twenty years, but we will always be the GCM
Class of 1990 and it is time to reunite. The reunion committee has been working closely with Capital Reunions and Events to organize an amazing reunion and a night we will never forget. 

Mark your calendar for October 2, 2010 at the Hyatt Reston Town Center.  We will be planning a weekend of reunion activities so make your plans now! 

Be sure to keep your information updated so that you are kept up-to-date of our reunion schedule!! What a great opportunity to reconnect with everyone and take a wonderful trip down memory lane!

Your Marshall Class of 1990 Reunion Committee,

Heather (Gardner-Burke) Prior - Committee Chair

Felicity (Rittelmeyer) Lynch

Andrea (Bellis) Cropp

Remember these songs from 1990?

“What it Takes” Aerosmith

“Bad Love” Eric Clapton

“Cradle of Love” Billy Idol

“Nothing Compares to you” - Sinead O’Conner

“Vogue” - Madonna

 “Groove is in the Heart” - Deee-Lite

“Vision of Love”- Mariah Carey

You Can’t Touch This” - M.C. Hammer

“Escapade”- Janet Jackson

“The Humpty Dance”- Digital Underground

“Pump Up the Jam” Technotronic

“Gonna Make You Sweat”- C+C Music Factory

“Suicide Blonde” INXS

“Stand”  R.E.M.

Remember these Movies from 1990?

Home Alone


Dances with Wolves

Pretty Woman

The Hunt for Red October

Total Recall

Die Hard 2

Back to the Future III

Godfather Part III

Edward Scissorhands

Kindergarten Cop


Remember these Television Shows from 1990?


The Cosby Show


Who’s the Boss

The Tonight Show- Host Johnny Carson


L.A. Law

Beverly Hills 90210

The Wonder Years

The Simpsons


Married with Children

Headline News in 1990

President  George Bush (Senior)

Vice President- J. Danforth Quayle

1990 new house cost $123,000.00

1990 the average income per year was $28,970.00

1990 gallon of gas was $1.34

1990 average cost of new car was $15,472

1190 Ford Mustang Convertible $14,289.00  

Bread $0.69 Loaf

Milk: $2.15/gallon

Eggs: $1.30/dozen

Stamp: $0.25/each

Average Income: $42,652/yr

Min Wage: $3.80hr

Leather Bomber Jacket $99.99

Levi Denim Jeans $34.99

Super Nintendo $159.00

Cellular Car Phone $325.00

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