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Falls Church High School Class Of 1989-1989

Falls Church High School Class Of 1989-1989
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Welcome Falls Church High School Class Of 1989!

This summer will be 20 years since we graduated from Falls Church High School (FCHS) on that incredibly hot, wet June day.  From there some of us went to college or moved away while others stayed close by, met our significant other, became or found out who we wanted to be, raised children and/or pets, and achieved so much. 

For each of us, we have become in our own right a “success”, and become the life story for those closest to us.  But one thing we will always have in common is that we’re the FCHS class of 1989.

As the reunion committee began to plan for the event, we quickly realized that we were blessed with great friends from high school.  But more importantly, we realized that there were so many other great friendships back in 1989, that for some reason or another, we didn’t develop.  So as we gather this August for the FCHS 20 year reunion, it’s a great opportunity to reunite and continue our existing friendships, but also make new friends from our youth. 

There are so many individual memories to share (and I am sure they will be recounted in horrific details at the reunion), but for now, here’s a reminder of how it was back in 1989.

-No cell phones or email (only “cool” guys had beepers)
-We had to use our parents land line to call for dates and meeting locations. 
-Instant messaging or texting was meeting up at 7-Eleven or McDonalds. 
-Fairview Marriott, site of the reunion, was the “burnout corner” where we met to get the scoop on parties.
-George H. W. Bush became 41st President of the United States of America.
-Fall of Berlin Wall
-Joe Jonas was born (not sure which one he is).
-Pete Rose was banned for life from baseball.
-Dow plunged 190 points on “Friday the 13th mini-crash”.  (That’s now every other day).
-It cost $0.25 to mail a letter
-Gas cost $0.97/gallon (didn’t even know what “premium” meant back then)
-Average cost of new house was $120,000 (that might be average cost again)
-The US Government provided a $150 billion bail out for hundreds of saving and loan (S&L) associations (some things never change!)
-First release of Microsoft Office
-Rain Man won the Oscar
-First Batman came out (the actor that played “Mr. Mom” not Christian Bale).

We really hope to see you this summer.  Please connect with as many classmates as possible, pass along the information, and encourage all of FCHS class of 1989 to attend the 20-year reunion. 

Warmest regards,

Erika Johnson
Christie (Banks) Norris
Ji (Yang) Dalkin
David Truong

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