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West Springfield High School Class Of 1984-1984

West Springfield High School Class Of 1984-1984
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Welcome West Springfield High School Class Of 1984!

Can you believe that we left the hallowed halls of West Springfield High School 25 years ago this June? Do you remember cheering for Garfield as our float in the Homecoming parade? When was the last time that you set foot in the McDonald's on Rolling Road? Have you ever wondered what happened to your prom date or to the person you secretly wanted to date in high school? Most of us would actually like to find out what happened to our Spartan friends, and this summer is the time for you to reconnect with old friends or to make a few new ones. Join us to reminisce about the old days, the athletic teams, key club, keyettes, spartan tri hi y or any other clubs and activities you enjoyed back in the day? Do you believe we used to have an actual smoking lounge at the school? I think they have a day care center now...

Boy have things changed!

Your Reunion Committee is working hard to make this a memorable and fabulous event. Our goal is to reach as many classmates as possible. EVERYONE is welcome to join the festivities. The more classmates we locate this year, the easier it will be to keep in touch between reunions and no longer wonder what happened to that old flame, best friend, and classmates.

Please register on the site whether you can attend or not. PASS THIS WEBSITE ON!

The Reunion Committee is looking for pictures for the slide show. Please contact Betsy Plissner McArdle

 You can scan and send photos electronically or arrange to send them via snail mail to Betsy and they will be returned to you.

Sandy Trapp has set up a class website with lots of updates and information.  Please visit that site and update your info

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