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Fort Hunt High School Class Of 1984-1984

Fort Hunt High School Class Of 1984-1984
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Welcome Fort Hunt High School Class Of 1984!

Twenty Five Years? What! When?

We were Federals. Fight Song. Green. White. Gold.

It's time to come home.

Join us for a wonderful evening this Fall to continue conversations, learn of kids and travel, see how we've aged, and to remember amazing times we had together before we ventured out shaped by something that was uniquely Fort Hunt.

We gathered at Shakey's, the Mt. Vernon drive-in, and, wait for it...the Franconia Roller Rink. We spent our money at the Variety Store and Beacon Mall, and raised money at the Harvey's Hollin Hall Gulf. We wore our letter jackets to Spencer' Gifts at Springfield Mall, and then ditched them to go to Fish Market and Ireland's Own.

We cruised down Elkin's to the 7-11, we swam at Stratford Landing or Riverside or Waynewood. We watched the world premiere of Michael Jackson's Thriller video, and we all wanted our MTV.

Jean Murphy's for the Redskins Dallas Monday Night game on the eve of our Senior Year. Sweating in the August heat on the football field or in the parking lot to practice sports, band, cheerleading and Drill Team routines.

Sleepovers at Barb Monahan's, dumpster diving at Krispy Kreme's, Halloween in Zeynep Mutlu's basement, and dinners with Natalie Uzoff at the Wharf. We played Powder Puff football, decorated lockers, and tried to leave campus without Mr. Skinner seeing us.

Shorty's AP Chemisty class. Mr. Levy. Mr. Dietze. Mrs. Seidel. Coach Creneti. Dr. Beneville. Mrs. Schuster's choral group. Driver's Ed with Coach Colna. Mr. Bonnett's Geometry class. Mr. Travis. Senior Lounge. Jock Hall.

Raiders of the Lost Ark, Porky's, E.T., Star Wars, and Risky Business. General Hospital. Milwaukee's Best and Meister Brau for $1.39 six packs. Fort Hunt to State in 1982. Redskins' Super Bowl win in 1983. When Doves Cry, Footloose, and Owner of a Lonely Heart.

Sledding on The Hill. Winston's in Georgetown. Biking to Mt. Vernon for soft serv. Mat Taylor's van, and Farrell's ice cream. Alpha, bowling at Penn-Daw, and the Mt. Vernon Drive-In.

Class of 1984. Twenty-five years in a flash. If the joy of re-connecting on Facebook these past few months is any indication, we're going to have a smashing great evening.

It meant something to be a Ft. Hunt Federal. It's time to come home.

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Dawn Gerber-Bethea Darr
Julie Ryan Shiroma
Diana Titus-Allen Waller

Brian Boguess
Jennifer Bowman
Ruth Bowman String
Steve Daknis
Jane Ferguson Camp
John Foley
Cathy Gray Fitzpatrick
Kim Haley Monroe
Laura Harwell Ribble
Billy Johnston
Jean Murphy Bailey
Zeynep Mutlu Schwegler
Hector Negroni
Tim O'Brien
Margaret Ann O'Brien Bermudez
Debbie Reep Beach
Natalie Uzoff-Galletti

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