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Robert E. Lee High School Class Of 1989-1989

Robert E. Lee High School Class Of 1989-1989
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Welcome Robert E. Lee High School Class Of 1989!

The Robert E. Lee Class of 1989 Reunion Committee cordially

invites you to join us for our 20th High School Reunion to be held on

August 15, 2009 at the Grand Atrium in Tyson’s Corner.

Twenty years have passed since the class of 1989 said goodbye to the halls of Robert E. Lee High School and a lot has happened since then.  It’s time to reunite, relive, and rekindle some of those memories and to create new ones!  As freshmen, we learned our way through the hallways, and met new friends.  We spent our meals the lunchroom (mostly!), and our brains in English, algebra, science and shop class.  Over the years we got our driver’s licenses, and tried to figure out how we’d spend the rest of our lives.  We remember our first job, our first kiss, Sadie’s and Prom.  We remember going to the games, playing sports, and participating in clubs.  And we remember studying, preparing for college and have fond memories of beach week, parties, and Mr. Webb!  The reunion committee invites you to come back home, see old friends, and take a walk down memory lane.   Come find out how 20 years has changed us all!

The main reunion event will be held at the Grand Atrium in Tyson’s Corner on Saturday, August 15, 2009 in the evening.   The reunion will include dinner, music, dancing, and a four hour open bar which includes beer, wine, cocktails and non alcoholic drinks.  We are encouraging everyone to attend.  

Shuttle service to and from the reunion from the Hilton Garden Inn  will be provided for hotel guests.  

Your feedback and help is essential to making this event as memorable as possible. Share your ideas on this site or via our Facebook page (search Robert E. Lee HS (Virginia) Class of 1989 20th reunion). We are making an effort to reach everyone in our class as the more people we have at the reunion, the better it will be.  We are asking you to update your contact information by submitting a profile, tell your friends and classmates about the reunion, and encourage them to share their information as well as attend!  Any information you share can and will make a difference! We are also asking if anyone has any 1989 class memorabilia to please contact the reunion committee.  Spread the word, and tell other classmates about this upcoming weekend!

And the Winners of the TWO free Robert E. Lee 20 Year Reunion event tickets are….. (Drum roll please)…..

Robert Flowers


Michael Raiden

(The committee will contact you soon about your winning raffle.)

Didn’t win or missed the raffle?  Not to worry! 

Your challenge now, should you choose to accept it, is to be one of the first 2 people to get 3 OTHER people to BUY their tickets, you will then be reimbursed $25 off the cost of YOUR ticket at the reunion. 

Proof of your “referral” or "encouragement" of others to purchase their tickets will be based on an email from that person confirming it was you who encouraged them to go to the reunion.  Sorry, the offer cannot be retroactive.  Ticket purchases must be made between now and the deadline which is on , Friday July 31, 2009, so get to work!   

Please send a quick note on your intent to participate and tell your friends to also send an email that it was in fact you who referred or encouraged them to go to the reunion to both  &    

Winners will be announced Monday, August 3, 2009

Remember you have to be the 1st or 2nd person to get all the information submitted to win.  So talk to all of your friends and get them to come to the reunion!  GOOD LUCK!"

Abby (Atienza) Phillips

Reunion Committee Co-chair

See you there and take care,

The Reunion Committee

Abigail Atienza (Phillips) - Co-chair, Jeannette Davis (Pearson) - Co, Chair, John Adgate, Carol Blackwood (Hendrickson), John Bremer, Jackie Chubb (Wilson), Kerri Griffiths (Ralston),  Christina Lubic (Bennett), Marissa Munoz (Robinson), Joy Razalan (Toburen), Steven Seelig, and Jason Tucker.

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