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James W. Robinson Secondary School Class Of 1989-1989

James W. Robinson Secondary School Class Of 1989-1989
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Welcome James W. Robinson Secondary School Class Of 1989!

A Cut Above

Yes - our senior yearbook "title" has now been used twice in twenty years.
Twenty years!   I'm sure we all find it hard to believe that it's been that long since we were:
- hanging out at the mushrooms in the Main Hall during break
- eating "A" lunch at 10:30 (who eats lunch at 10:30AM?) (who starts school at 7:30AM, for that matter!)
- watching the "Trav Rocks" SGA candidate poster (bedsheet) get taken down due to its questionable content (bet the administration had no idea what lay ahead)
- tying Kleenex onto wires to make our fabulous floats
- seeing our football team ranked in USA Today and following them down to Newport News for the state championship
- loitering in the McDonalds parking lot (thank heavens we preceded the switch to the 7-11 parking lot) in hopes of finding someone with out-of-town parents
- sneaking out for delicious Roy Rogers lunches
- crowding into the gym and singing the Robinson fight song at pep rallies while watching the cheerleaders and drill team perform
- discussing the latest issues, fund raisers, and deadlines for such clubs as Debate, DECA, National Honor Society, Yearbook, Tri-Hi-Y, FBLA, Key Club and Keyettes
- meeting with study groups to try and improve that ever important SAT score
- waking at the crack of dawn and driving  erratically to get the best parking spot
- cheering as loud=2 0as you could to encourage your favorite athlete (soccer, field hockey, track, basketball, wrestler, etc) to do his/her best
- banging your head at the annual Ram Jam
- standing for hours in the hot summer sun learning not just how to play "Flight of the Bumblebees" but also where to stand
- passing the hours in perfecting drama productions such as "Flowers for Algernon", "Once Upon a Mattress" and "Li'l Abner"
- rocking the Crystal City Hyatt Regency at Prom
- flailing wildly to grab dollar bills (and the elusive $20 bill) in the flying money machine at the All Night Grad party
- And, finally, saying at least temporary goodbyes to all the great friends we'd made along the way.

Now it's time to reconnect in person with everyone at the Class of '89 20 year reunion.  Come share your memories beyond the few above and make great new ones with old friends.
Show your Robinson spirit (and remember that facebook is only a webpage!) and make this one of the largest 20 year reunions to occur in '09.
The reunion committee is very excited to be working with Capital Reunions to help us make this an unforgettable weekend for all in attendance.  So be sure to check back here often for more information and plan now to share this momentous occasion.
And please spread the word; we don't want to leave anyone out.  Be sure to check out our class contacts page on this website and update your profile with your current contact information.  If you don't see your name, please feel free to add it.  And finally, keep checking this website for updates.
See you there!  (And if you do not attend, you will be subject to calls reciting various Robinson cheers, such as "who rocks the house . . .", "R-O-B-I-N-S-O-N . . .", "Stand up for Robinson . . . for the blue and gold . . ."  You get the idea.)

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