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West Springfield High School Class Of 1989-1989

West Springfield High School Class Of 1989-1989
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Welcome West Springfield High School Class Of 1989!

Hey 1989 Spartans - On the fence about the 20th Reunion Weekend? It's time to make the leap. Just do it. We've just finalized the other weekend events in and around Northern Virginia. Most importantly, the ticket price goes up next weekend.  After that, it's only CASH at the door. Our attendance numbers are going up every day. So what are you waiting for? Click here now!

And here's a bonus -- you know how you pretty much always want to know who's going to a party before you actually go but you're afraid it's bad form to ask the host? Problem solved. The reunion company has posted all the attendees, so you can see who's going, and maybe even apply a little teen-angst peer pressure to your friends who haven't signed up so we can have an even better turnout.  But that's just the Saturday night event at the Fairview Park Marriott.

The other big news is we've nailed down the Friday night happy hour in Rosslyn and the Saturday afternoon family picnic to be held at WSHS in Springfield.

So whip out your Outlook calendars, plug in a few details to your GPS, and crack open your 1989 Olympian yearbook to compare names on the party list to those embarrassing school pictures. Here's the full weekend lineup:


Who: '89 Alums, guests, and friends of the class

When: Friday 24 Jul, 5:30 - 8:30pm

Where: The Continental  in Rosslyn, VA   The Continental is located at the corner of North Moore Street and Lee Highway, just across the Key Bridge from Georgetown.

Parking / Transportation: Free parking - take the ramp behind the building.  OR walk from Metro.  The Continental is one block North of the Rosslyn Metro Station (see below).  

Why should I go?: This is the ice breaker, a place to take the edge off after traveling or a long work week.

Cost: No-host / Pay-as-you-go bar.  This place has great happy hour prices ($3 drafts) and reduced price appetizers, so get there early!

Logistics: We chose this place because it is a great jumping off point for  whatever you want to do after happy hour. You can walk across the Key Bridge into Georgetown, Metro to the Mall to catch the tail end of a free US military Band Concert at various locations.  If staying at the Fairview Marriot, check in Friday PM, take the FREE hotel shuttle to the Dunn Loring Metro station and go the seven stops on the Orange line to the Rosslyn station.  If you stay out late you will have to cab it back from Dunn Loring to the hotel - their last shuttle leaves the Dunn Loring Metro station for the hotel at 9:35pm.

Points of Contact: Marty Kady and Amber (Campbell) Allman. Send them a note / ask you questions via the Capital Reunions Classmate profile website:

WSHS 89 - 20th Year picnic

Who: 89 Alums, friends of the class, invite teachers if you know where they are these days!

When: Saturday, 25 Jul - 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

Where:  WSHS Softball Field (rain plan...main gym atrium)

Parking: In the school lot - free and no administrators hassling you!

Why: This is the place to show off your family, check out how the school has changed and get that nostalgia thing going.

Cost: Free!!

Points of Contact:  Elizabeth (Wilson) Poplawski, Cristi Hale-Minard and Laura (Cook) Lenderman.  Contact them via the email function on the Capital Reunions Classmate profile website:

Fun Ideas still in work:  Moonbounce (working details on this - if a no-go, I'll bring an air mattress!), PLUS tours of the school (note: under the bleachers area is OFF limits except for high school sweethearts), kickball game, bubble machine, and sprinkler fun. Anybody a certified face painter? We are looking for one!

Food: Bagels for the early risers, and catered picnic food (dogs, burgers etc) for the latecomers.

Planners' request: To plan for how many people are going to the picnic, you can RSVP to Laura with the number of adults and children attending.  Even if you don't RSVP, pls feel free to show up - your note back just makes it easier to plan the shopping / catering.

WSHS 20th Reunion  In case you need a reminder on the big event:

Final Thoughts:

* Keep checking the WSHS Class of '89 Facebook webpage  and this website for updates and more info.

The committee has launched a full court press to contact you procrastinators via email, Facebook and even phonecalls.  If we are bugging you, please excuse us, we just want to be sure everyone has gotten the word. 

* We have folks coming from all over the world, so we will actually need a math major to compute the "farthest traveler prize." There's also going to be a "Sponsor-a-yearbook-page" table with the highest bidder getting the yearbook on CD, and the money going to a WSHS cause or fund. 

* Got any WSHS memorabilia? Letterman jackets, Football programs, old Oracles? We want to see it at the main event.  Contact Laura (Cook) Lenderman to find out what we are looking for and how much space we have at that table!

* Your DJ requests are still coming.  Send yours today to Tony Butera.  Laura and I scoped out the hotel ballroom this week.  Plenty of room out on the parquet for you break dancers, moshers and two steppers.   Free Ben-gay and ankle wraps on hand if you over extend yourself.

* Channel your nostalgia and buff up your 1989 trivia / knowledge:

Billboard’s top five albums

Day by day History


Last time we were all together the Berlin Wall fell, what's gonna happen this time !!

Go Spartans and SEE YOU THERE,

WSHS Class of 89 Reunion Committee

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