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Mount Vernon High School Class Of 1986-1986

Mount Vernon High School Class Of 1986-1986
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Welcome Mount Vernon High School Class Of 1986!
Memories:  The stolen Pep Jug; Mr. Riddick monitoring the parking lot; goodbye Friday Night Videos, hello MTV; lots of hair with lots of bangs; 2:05 pm; í86 Got Itís Kicks; rugby shirts; our victory over West Potomac in football; Toga, toga, toga! Anything ring a bell? Well, even if they donít, we hope that you will share your favorite high school memories at the Class of 1986 20th reunion this year! The reunion will be the weekend of August 12th and will include a family picnic and evening reception. Please keep checking this website to stay informed of all pertinent details regarding the reunion functions. Sponsorships:  If anyone is interested in sponsoring the reunion to help bring down the ticket price, please e-mail Amy Thompson Stehr at so your information can be shared with Capital Reunions. Every little bit helps, so please consider being a sponsor of this great event! Sincerely, Your Reunion Committee: Amy Thompson Stehr, Karen Prevost Bretana, David Beckerman, Rhonda Sanderson Dzansi, Molly Dugan, Sarah Haut, Marsha Oshima, Scott Sanders

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