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James Madison High School Class Of 1989-1989

James Madison High School Class Of 1989-1989
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Welcome James Madison High School Class Of 1989!

The 1980s form a large part of the collective memory of Generation X. The "Me-First Decade", the "Decade of Greed", the "Yuppie Decade", the "Reagan Decade". Whatever it's called today, it was a unique time to be alive. We Generation Xers remember a time when America felt proud, and we dared to be confident in the future even as we feared for the world's future in a nuclear face-off between two superpowers. We knew an America where Michael Jackson was known as the King of Pop, rather than an alleged child molester. And when it came to drugs, we were told "Just Say No!" And in large numbers, we did just that (alcohol is not really a drug).

It was a decade of high style...women had big, glamorous, elaborately-styled and wildly-colored hair. While men sported mouse and feathered styles. The gals wore "leggings" while guys wore "Members Only"jackets. We watched Dallas, Dynasty, Knot's Landing and Falcon Crest, and demanded "I want my MTV!" But we were content to see Theo on the Cosby Show and Alex P. Keaton and Mallory on Family Ties, "Normie" and "Cliffie" on Cheers.  Fast forward 20 years...

It does not matter if you are married, single, divorced, separated, straight, gay, skinny, fat, bald, going gray, out of work, working too much, not sure what you want to do when you grow up, rich, poor or somewhere in between.  What matters is that on October 10th, 2009  we have a chance to meet up with old friends, swap stories, reminisce about the good times, laugh a lot and maybe cry a little.  Itís a time to share pictures, talk about life and vow to keep in touch with someone you havenít seen in ages.

We don't get together often so let's make the most of it! Spread the word! More details to follow.


Your JMHS Class of 1989 Reunion Committee

Sheila (Cunningham) Donaldson, Jody Donaldson, Billy Emerson, Elaine Florimonte, Maura Florimonte, Nils Granholm, Michele (Hall) Rhodes, Dave Macdonald, Laramie (Minogue) Richbourg, Chris Oskuie, Tana (Rhodes) Keefe and Matt Richbourg

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