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Gaithersburg High School Class Of 1989-1989

Gaithersburg High School Class Of 1989-1989
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Welcome Gaithersburg High School Class Of 1989!

Class of 1989! Mark your calendars for our 20th reunion to be held Saturday, September 26, 2009!  On behalf of the GHS Class of ‘89 Reunion Planning Committee, we’re extremely excited to share that there has been a lot of energy in thinking about the reunion and how to make it fun and to make it something you want to come “home to Gaithersburg” to attend.  We want to make it a special time and redefine Gaithersburg as a destination getaway for you if you’re traveling from afar!

 Over the past several years I have run into fellow alum and other others that have attended their 20th reunion to gauge why people go or decide not to go.  I’m borrowing a reference from another reunion’s web page that really cuts to the chase:

It does not matter if you are married, single, divorced, separated, straight, gay, skinny, fat, bald, going gray, out of work, working too much, not sure what you want to do when you grow up, rich, poor or somewhere in between. Rest assured that someone else in our class is in your same boat.  

The reunion planners indicate that the 20 year is by far the most widely attended and the most fun – this is one party you will not want to miss! I’ve heard from friends that purposely did not attend their 20th reunion and regretted it once they saw pictures and heard the stories.  What matters on September 26th is that we have a chance to meet up with old friends, swap stories, reminisce about the good times, laugh a lot and maybe cry a little. It’s a time to share pictures, talk about life and vow to keep in touch with someone you haven’t seen in ages.

Here’s what we’re planning and stay tuned for updates: 

We welcome feedback from classmates to make this an event that as many of our classmates will want to attend.  Please share comments via this web page or our Facebook page (search GHS Class 1989).   It is fun to see who is already connected on Facebook! 

Help!  To make this the best event it can be, we need your help.  First, please let other friends and classmates know about the event and this web site.  Spread the word!  Second, we’re trying to make this as affordable as possible.  The predominant feedback I received from the 10-year event was an issue of cost.  To address this, we’re looking for reunion sponsors and advertisers. If you would be interested in advertising your company, services, know of other companies that would be interested in advertising with our outreach efforts and at our event, please let us know.  We will also be reaching out to local businesses in the area, but however we can help our alum and promote your businesses, here is an opportunity and if we can keep our ticket prices under $100, even better!  And last but not least, we would like to give back to GHS.  We would like to take donations (big and small) with our reunion registration.  Whether you’re able to attend or not, we wanted to provide the high school with a token of our appreciation for the education we received and recognition of a legacy we can leave behind for future students.  We will be thinking of ideas for a class gift.  Please email us with ideas and we can vote prior to the reunion on the gift. 

We’re looking forward to seeing you and please let us know your thoughts and ideas for the upcoming reunion!  Also, thank you and well wishes to our classmates serving in the US Armed Forces- stay safe and thanks to you and your families for your sacrifices.


The GHS Class of 89 Reunion Planning Committee

(Meredith Mastal Williams, Jennifer McKenna Nelson, Rachel Boyer Glenn, Marci Sobel Jenkins, Drew McNaughton, Whitney Weinstein Dwyer, Elena Marino Welpe, and Dawn Dowdy Felsen)

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