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James W. Robinson Secondary School Class Of 1978-1978

James W. Robinson Secondary School Class Of 1978-1978
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Welcome James W. Robinson Secondary School Class Of 1978!

Robinson class of í78 thirty year reunion plans are in the works.  No, thatís not a misprint.  Try putting on your reading glasses.  Yes you are that old.

But old in a good way Ė like fine wine!  Now our kids are the ages we were then!  Poor things canít hide anything from us because weíve done it all before.  And some of us are still doing it Ė letís get together and get caught up.

Top ten reasons to attend the JW Robinson Class of 1978 Thirty-year Reunion:

10.  The primaries and conventions will be over Ė take a breather before the real nasty stuff begins.
9.    Compare stories about your kidsí tattoos or various piercings Ė or your own.
8.    Show off your full head of hair Ė or your beautiful shiny scalp.
7.    See Bob Russell Ė in person (yes, heís still alive)
6.    Tell your rehab counselor/parole officer itís a FAMILY reunion, and get yourself a weekend furlough.
5.    The reunion planners have promised NOT to play all music from 1978.
4.    Admit it Ė you really donít get out much anymore, and when you do it seems like everyone is 
younger than you are.
3.    You can finally be proud that youíre still single, since half in attendance will be at least once divorced and likely hoping to rekindle an old flame.
2.    You donít have to lie about your age.

And the number one reason to attend the Robinson Class of 1978 Reunion:

1.   Itís the only way to get the committee coordinators to stop emailing you. After all, you didnít like them back then and they haven't changed much.

Hope to see you there!

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