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Chantilly High School Class Of 1986-1986

Chantilly High School Class Of 1986-1986
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Welcome Chantilly High School Class Of 1986!
Where has the time gone??? Weren’t we JUST rocking out to Duran Duran, watching Top Gun, spraying our big hair and flipping up the collars of our Izod shirts???? Doesn’t it seem like we just graduated? Never mind we’ve already had our 10 year reunion! Now, here we are, gearing up for the big 20th! We have been hard at work with Capital Reunions to organize and plan our big night – it will be an evening we will never forget! Be sure to keep your information updated so that you are kept up-to-date of all the happenings!! Mark your calendars now for the weekend of October 7, 2006 for that will truly be a weekend you will not want to miss. What a great opportunity to reconnect with “the old gang” and take a trip down memory lane! So join us for a fun-filled reunion weekend. Happy Hour Friday, Saturday morning breakfast and tour of the school, and the Reunion on Saturday night! Details will follow for the Friday night and Saturday morning events once arrangements are complete. Your Reunion Committee, Danny Hornfeck Shannon Godwin Bowen Sheri Shaulis Stern

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