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Robert E. Lee High School Class Of 1998-1998

Robert E. Lee High School Class Of 1998-1998
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Welcome Robert E. Lee High School Class Of 1998!

Headlines- 1998

Iraq ends cooperation with UN arms inspectors
White House sex scandal
Life sentence meted out to Terry Nichols, convicted of Oklahoma City Bombing.
Cost of a Stamp $0.32
Super Bowl- Denver Broncos defeat Green Bay packers 31 to 24
World Series- New York Yankees defeat San Diego 4 games to 0
NBA- Championship-Chicago Bulls Defeat Utah Jazz 4 games to 2
NCAA Championship- University of Kentucky defeats Utah 78-69
The last episode of “Seinfeld” airs

Can you believe it is already 2008?  Who knew that when we would whine about high school dragging on “forever” that those teachers, parents and other adult that would say “don’t wish for the time to go by so quickly, because one day it will” they would be right. 

Over the last ten years we have witnessed historical world events; the beginning of a new century, September 11 attacks and the war in Iraq just to name a few.  But we also witnessed personal events not only for our selves, but for friends and loved ones.  Whether these events included college graduations, marriages, births, or the death of someone we held close to our heart, they would shape us and help define the adults that we would become. 

Now is that time where we get an opportunity to revisit some of those crazy high school memories.  For some they might have been the Friday night football or basketball games.  For others it might have been Homecoming, Mr. Lancer or Prom.  And for all of us it was walking across the stage at the Patriot Center and receiving our diplomas. 

The reunion committee has chosen October 18th as the date for our Ten year reunion.  We were lucky enough to be able to coordinate the reunion with this year’s homecoming festivity for anyone who wants to take a walk back in time.

Keep checking this site or the Lee High Class of 98 profiles on MySpace and Facebook for further updates.

The reunion committee is diligently working on making our reunion a success, but we definitely need your help to do so.  Please submit your contact information so we can keep you in the loop. Don’t forget to pass this info on to all your friends from ’98 so we can raise the roof at this reunion.  We are also compiling pictures, video, and any memorabilia you may have from our time at Lee.  Please email the reunion committee at if you have any memorabilia that we can display at the reunion. We promise to return your originals.  Let’s make this a reunion we remember for years to come! It’s our night – so get ready to have a blast!

The Reunion Committee,
Crystal Riley, Sabrina (Romero) Silva, Peter Laver, April (Holloman) Cooper and Nick Smith

“Take the photographs and still frames in your mind… For what it’s worth.  It was worth all the while.  It’s something unpredictable, but in the end it’s right.  I hope you had the time of your life”.  Green Day- “Time of your life (good riddance)”

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