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South Lakes High School Class Of 1988-1988

South Lakes High School Class Of 1988-1988
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Welcome South Lakes High School Class Of 1988!

On Behalf of the South Lakes High School Class of 1988 Reunion Committee:

The Class of South Lakes High School 1988

20 Year Reunion Event

Dust off those letterman jackets and mini-skirts and prepare to party like we used to!

When and Where :

Our reunion date is October 25 in Reston! Yes, you heard it, at the Hyatt Reston Town Center on Saturday evening, October 25, 2008 from 7:30-12:30.  We’re goin’ big and doin’ it right!  Keep checking back for details and info, as there are many more activities to be added!!!

Please spread the word to those classmates you still keep in touch with.

Also, please consider registering an email on the Fairfax County Alumni Page


June 15, 1988…It was a beautiful Wednesday afternoon as we all donned our caps and gowns, accepted our diplomas and became SLHS graduates. Do you believe 20 years has gone by?

It seems like just yesterday that we started our mornings in the orange sub-school, disappointed by the removal of the sofas, and mingled with friends and chatted about last Friday night at Roy Roger’s after the basketball game.

We wore leather jackets, bows in our hair, ankle boots and levi jeans. Many of us worked at Harvest Trading Co. and shopped at Tysons or Georgetown. We received guidance from Mr. Supulski, adorned the subschool ceiling with Spirit links during homecoming week, rallied in the blue sub-school for the hat sit-in, and tried to block the underclassmen from parking in the parking lot.

Jerome and Pam were our class couple and we won our homecoming game against McClean 31-0. The girls pulled off a 2-0 win against the juniors in the Powder-Puff game, the guys never looked so good as they did that day in cheerleader skirts and Leslie was crowned queen.

Senior Prom…enough said. And Senior Beach Week, when we had the world at our feet and we were invincible? What a feeling!

What Was Happening in 1988?

Find out what your ol’ classmates are doing, where they’re livin’, and more importantly…what they’re lookin’ like after 20 years has gone by.

So start the reunion diets and prepare to reminisce, mingle, and perhaps, rekindle.

Please forward your then and now photos to Erin (Seubel) Reed.


For any questions, please contact any one of the other committee members :

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Erin (Seubel) Reed :

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