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Robert E. Lee High School Class Of 1996-1996

Robert E. Lee High School Class Of 1996-1996
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Welcome Robert E. Lee High School Class Of 1996!
The definition of reunion is "the act of coming together again." Believe it or not our 10 year high school reunion is months away. It will be our chance to come together again. A chance to reminisce about the past and also to catch up on the present. Oh the 90's! Remember when Dennis Rodman wore a wedding dress and when we all learned the Macarena in '96? 1995 was a great year for t.v. and entertainment with Friends, Party of Five, ER, and the Sony Playstation! And who can forget 1994, when O.J. lead us all in a wild goose chase? It felt like just yesterday! We Need Your HS Photographs! Want to help participate in our 10th HS reunion? Please share your embarrassing, funny, and outrageous HS photographs. Let's really see how far we have come over the years! If you would like to help us, please collect your digital or scanned photos and email them to the committee. If possible, please send jpegs or tiffs of at least 300 dpi. Also, be sure to include any short captions and the names of those in the photo. Call for Suggestions... We want to extend the reunion fun, whether it's a happy hour on Friday night or a barbecue at Burke Lake Park on Sunday afternoon. Please email any ideas to any of the reunion committee members below. Your Reunion Committee: Mikka Ventura, Missy Smarr, Marshay Jeter, Shelly Gutierrez, Julie Ulrich, Debra Yarcho

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