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Chantilly High School Class Of 1988-1988

Chantilly High School Class Of 1988-1988
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Welcome Chantilly High School Class Of 1988!

Has it been 20 yrs???  The R.A.S is back!!  Feels like just yesterday when Mrs. Santmyer was yelling at us, “GET TO CLASS!”   She helped us get thru it that is for sure.

Remember the Orange commons, senior skip day, our prom song- “I had the time of our life.” School lunches- Thursday- taco salad day, or if we got really daring we would break for it and head to McDonalds only hoping the “McKinney patrol” wouldn’t catch us.

Tuesday Night was "Movie Night" at Fair Oaks $1.00- at least that’s where we would tell our parents we were going.  We thought we were so sneaky back then.

Those were the easy days...

Our class talents:

* Girls track team captured the Potomac district title for the 5th consecutive year
* Girls varsity soccer team tied for second in the district
* Scott Santucci was named MV swimmer at the invitational at ODU
* Ten seniors qualified as national merit finalists
* Boys varsity basketball team made it to final four of regional playoffs
* Varsity football team made it to the Potomac District Championship
* Norman Grogin, Valedictorian with a 4.126 grade point average. Nice job!

We can’t forget the BIG GAME:

Powder-puff football TIED 6-6.  See page 56, Kim Harris was ready to win!!

Popular fashions~ scarves @ the neck, combat boots, Sebago's, and mini skirts

Music:   U2, Billy Idol, R E M, Van Halen, Motley Crue, The Cure.


Come on, don’t be shy!  We would love to see you!!

Please join us in 2008  and share our Tilly memories at the 20 Year Reunion. Be sure to check back to the Capital Reunions website for all the information on the date, time and location soon.  Let’s all reminisce, have some good times, and some good laughs!  If we’re lucky, Santmyer will come!!  Brennan, I’m leaving that up to you!!

Please spread the word about the reunion, and submit your contact info TODAY!  Any pictures you would like to share please forward to Kim Hovan @  Can’t wait to see you!!

We hope you are as excited as we are,

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