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W.T. Woodson High School Class Of 1983-1983

W.T. Woodson High School Class Of 1983-1983
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Welcome W.T. Woodson High School Class Of 1983!

Greetings W.T. Woodson Class of 1983 {Classmates and (more importantly) Friends},

Okay, so, let's be honest here: how many of us have had one of those "mid-life crisis" episodes already? I'll be the first to admit that I have, and for those of you who have not, let me save you some time and trouble by telling you this: my life fell almost completely apart a few years ago due to one of these lovely episodes SIMPLY for me to turn right back around, pick up the tiny broken shards that were left of my life, and realize that what I already have and what I already am is enough. My family and my friends are really what life comes down to -- and that includes you...

I have also discovered (the hard way), and through last year's VT tragedy, as I know many of you have as well, that life is simply too unpredictable and WAY too short to always wish for "shoulda, coulda, wouldas." The only things that are 100% certain in this life, right here, right now, are the past and the present...

So, what do you say, let's get ourselves together and celebrate our lives and our friendships, our past and our present. I'm not sure how many people remember this, but we made a pact at our 20th that we wouldn't let another 10 years slip past. So, we are planning to have a 25th reunion this fall 2008.

I was looking through our yearbook the other day in preparation of this awesome event, and it all came back to me (even though I've probably killed more brain cells in the past 25 years than all of you put together -- can you say grain alcohol, freshman year, Virginia Tech?)...Anyway, it all came back to me that (#1) we had the biggest hair on the planet, and (#2) our Senior Class of 1983 theme was: "It Just Doesn't Matter." Do you guys remember that? Maybe these quotes will take you back:

"It just doesn't matter: 
     - that the senior float lost."  {I mean, how lame was that?! HA!}
     - that I keep having parties that I don't know about."
     - that no colleges want me."
     - that my boyfriend has to be home at midnight after dances."
     - that I had to go to the Homecoming Dance in a cast." 
     - that my house was destroyed during a party."
     - that I failed every one of Mr. Sheehan's tests."

So, I vote that we just keep this same theme forever. It just doesn't matter that some of us may not have turned out the way we had hoped. It just doesn't matter that some of us may have put on a few extra pounds or lost a few strands of hair. It just doesn't matter that we are in our 40s. It just doesn't matter that we may not have even seen or heard from some of you since we left WTW. It just doesn't matter that some of us may not have gotten along so great or some of us may have done some really stupid things when we were young and immature in high school and/or beyond. AND it just doesn't matter that a few of us haven't matured a bit since high school (I'll withhold the names for now -- we all know who they are). What matters is the here and the now and our friendships...

The plans for our 25th are just beginning to take shape. For now, we are working with Capital Reunions to plan something for the fall of 2008. We are hoping the event will be casual -- how appropriate for a class whose theme is "It Just Doesn't Matter." We will fill you in on the details as we get them. Until then, please fill in your personal information on the website so that we can begin reconnecting with each other, and please remember to live each day fully, to appreciate who you are and what you have. And please remember that "Contentment is not the fulfillment of our wishes, but the realization of how much we already have."

Hope to see you all very soon,
Amy (Bocook) Kilpatrick
Your 25th Reunion Committee:
Janet (Wagner) Bartling
Terri Bazel
Mike Fowler
Chris Jerussi
Brian Jones
Mary Beth (Kiel) Jones
Betsy (Malone) Lee
Mary (Regan) Maver
Mark Starnes
Katie (St. Martin) Stedham      *View WTW 83 Yearbook*

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