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Mount Vernon High School Class Of 1988-1988

Mount Vernon High School Class Of 1988-1988
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Welcome Mount Vernon High School Class Of 1988!

The Mount Vernon High School Class of 1988 Reunion Committee would like to cordially invite you to attend your 20 year high school reunion. Twenty years ago, we were entering the halls of MV as the senior class. In the preceding three years we had dominated homecoming competitions and had a tradition to continue of coming together and showing our spirit. Ten years ago, we came together again; seeing friends we had kept in touch with, to see old rivals, to rekindle friendships lost to time, to learn of classmates we had lost, and to make new friends. It is time to again come together, show our spirit, and strike up and rekindle friendships. It has been 10 - 20 years since we last got together as a group. It is time to come together to see and meet your class mates from long ago.

The reunion will be held the in September 27, 2008. We are currently planning to have a cocktail party and some sort of meet and greet-perhaps a picnic. Please submit personal bios, photos and emails to this website so we can keep track of all of our classmates. Please ensure that you keep the Reunion Committee updated, as well, to your contact information. We look forward to seeing you.

With warmest regards,

MVHS Class of 1988 Reunion Committee:
Judi (Bennett) Newland
Erik Fox
Sarah (Bowling) Evers
Jennifer (Moon) Paige
Steve Clary
David Peverall
Anna Fukara
Patricia (Gardner) Arnold
Carolyn Harrison
Aimee (Howard) Taylor
Heather (Leach) Rupp
Tiffany (Robertson) Barber
Craig Barrett
Mike Crigler
Michele (Hunter) Hoskey

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