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Oakton High School Class Of 1983-1983

Oakton High School Class Of 1983-1983
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Welcome Oakton High School Class Of 1983!

I Remember When.........

Twenty Five Years seems like a long time ago but doesn’t it feel like yesterday?

 The Oakton High School Class of 1983 is celebrating 25 years since we graced the main intersection, hung out in the gym lobby after school, ran the 600, dissected a pig, auditioned for Grease, made the team, won the championship, baked a chocolate soufflé in gourmet foods, marched with the band on the field at half time, cheered at a pep rally, played powder puff football, read The Catcher in the Rye and The Scarlet Letter, painted the bleachers, wore concert t-shirts on the day after the show, built a homecoming float, danced at the prom, took the SAT, learned how to type on a typewriter!

We might be studying for the SAT and visiting colleges with our high school age kids, driving the carpool to practice or preschool, working the snack bar at the game instead of walking around the field, our typewriters are gone and now we have to learn text messaging!  Maybe we just got married for the first, second or third time, or live someplace new....

We still love 80's music, can't drive through Ocean City without feeling nostalgic, miss Friendly's Ice Cream, remember our first car, our first love, our 18th birthday, our favorite teacher, our best friends. We all may not look like we are in high school but don’t let that stop you from taking a trip back with the friends you made life long memories with.

We hope you will join us on September 27, 2008….to catch up, reminisce, remember the four years we spent together growing up.  Let everyone know the 25th reunion is coming up! Send a message to everyone you are in contact with to register on our website at

If you want to join the planning committee just let us know! 

The Reunion Committee

Katherine Nuss

Brad Jones

Nancy Oliver McLernon

Joe Snyder

Kelly Sweeney Hite

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