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Oakton High School Class Of 1977-1977

Oakton High School Class Of 1977-1977
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Welcome Oakton High School Class Of 1977!
Welcome Class of 1977! The 30th anniversary of our high school graduation is coming soon! Itˇ¦s hard to believe itˇ¦s been thirty years since our days at Oakton; three decades since our Senior Prom, hanging out at McDonaldˇ¦s after the football games, the crazy field parties, pony bottles, pep rallies, and the post-graduation beach trip. Well itˇ¦s time to dust off those polyester slacks and get that Farrah Fawcett hairstyle working because our 30 Year Reunion is happening this fall! Celebrate our 30th on Saturday, October 13th at the Sheraton Premiere, Tysons Corner. Join us Friday, October 12th for Happy Hour at Fast Eddie's in Fairfax from 5pm-8pm. Things to Do Now „X Bookmark this webpage. „X Mark your calendar for the weekend of October 12-13, 2007. „X Update your info on the Capital Reunions website. „X Tell all your friends about the reunion. Email everyone you know and encourage them to attend. „X Be on the look out for your invitation. „X Dig out your old photos from our high school years, and send scans of them to Donna Ramsier Polk (, who is putting together a Class of ˇ¦77 scrapbook for the reunion. „X Be ready to HAVE SOME FUN! Donˇ¦t Miss It! Itˇ¦ll be a great night to reconnect with old friends and reminisce about all the good times we had at Oakton, and to catch up on what weˇ¦ve been up to over the last 30 years. And itˇ¦ll be fun dancing to all those great songs from the 70ˇ¦s! ˇ§Rock on!ˇ¨ So, donˇ¦t be shyˇKcome on out October 13th! Weˇ¦ll be looking for you!

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