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Oakton High School Class Of 1987-1987

Oakton High School Class Of 1987-1987
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Welcome Oakton High School Class Of 1987!
What do Lil Bow Wow, Maria Sharapova, Joss Stone, Sidney Crosby, Hillary Duff and YOU have in common? The answer is that for all of us, 1987 was a memorable year. For everyone mentioned (aside from you), 1987 was the year of their birth. For you, however, 1987 was the year of your graduation from Oakton High School. Oh my, how time has flown by. Fast forward 20 years, and 20 pounds (give or take), and here we are, preparing for the 20th year reunion for OHS's class of 1987. So break out the acid washed jeans. Ladies, make sure you've got an extra can or two of White Rain (big hair NEVER goes out of style). Gents, dust off that old bottle of Polo cologne and throw on a splash or two... it's time to crank up the Bon Jovi like you haven't done in years. You may or may not have been aware of the fact that we decided on the Oct 13th weekend for the reunion because it's also the Oakton High School Homecoming weekend. That being the case, many of your classmates will be attending the Homecoming football game on Friday night (October 12th) at 7:30 vs Centreville High School. Tickets are $5. Additionally, we've called PJ Skidoos (in Fairfax) to let them know that many of us will be heading over for a few libations and laughs following the football game. Several of you have inquired about purchasing Oakton High School "gear" (i.e. T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Hats, etc). For all of you who will be attending the football game, there will be a booth that is selling all of the above items, and more, so don't forget to bring your wallet. For those who are unable t! o attend the game, but would still like to get their hands on a nice OHS Sweatshirt, T-Shirt, Hat, etc, I'll have some items with me on Saturday night for you to buy. So to sum things up.... Purchase your tickets, if you haven't already done so. Tell anyone/everyone you know (that's a classmate from OHS), who ISN'T already registered on the site, to register. Plan on going to the Homecoming game on Friday, Oct 12th at 7:30, and then to PJ Skidoos afterwards. Lastly, email me with any questions. Thanks! We canít wait to see you all there~~ The Reunion Committee: Tim Murphy, Dana Bennett Wozny, Kelly Forbes, Todd P Kolasch

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