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Mount Vernon High School Class Of 1987-1987

Mount Vernon High School Class Of 1987-1987
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Welcome Mount Vernon High School Class Of 1987!
"I don't remember who met who first. All I remember is all of us together" St. Elmo's Fire Remember the "Best of 87"? Who was most likely to succeed, most unpredictable or Best all around? And Mr. Mt. Vernon? How about the Distance Demons? Who were they anyway? How about the senior pranks? Can you remember who painted the bleachers? Oh, and Mc Donald's parking lot before and after the parties (the days before cell phones) And Let's not forget Mrs. Miles!!! Whether you were into Sports, Band, SGA, DECA, National Honor Society, Drama or just hanging out with friends. Come join us for the 20 year reunion and find out what happened to your fellow classmates. It's time to rekindle old friendships and make new ones.

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