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Chantilly High School Class Of 1987-1987

Chantilly High School Class Of 1987-1987
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Welcome Chantilly High School Class Of 1987!
Can you believe it has been almost 20 years since we voted our favorite band as Bon Jovi, our favorite show as The Cosby Show, and our favorite movie as Top Gun? Did we really not have a favorite drink – or did they just keep that a secret? (See page 55 of our senior year book.) Are any of us still meeting at the McDonald’s parking lot to find the party of the evening? Please join us on August 4th, 2007 for our 20-year reunion as we reminisce at the Fair Lakes Hyatt while enjoying an open bar (for the early-birds), great food, an outdoor patio, and music from our fun four years at Chantilly! Come see some familiar faces, re-kindle some cherished friendships, and spark some new ones. Find out what happened to your favorite teacher – if we’re lucky, they’ll be there, too. Do you recall how important the senior parking spaces were? Ah, the joys of beach weeks, ski trips, snow days (remember the 18” of snow that gave us an 11 day weekend?), summer camps, Valentine’s Day carnation wall (hated that), skipping class with hopes of avoiding Zion McKinney, painting the “senior” house on Stringfellow, the Powder Puff game with our cute cheerleaders, prom, the senior countdown bulletin board, and, finally, graduation. We had such a talented class. Our: - Boy’s and girl’s swim teams dominated the district - Girl’s gymnastic team won their 3rd Potomac District title - Varsity football team was the Potomac District Champions - Girl’s cross-country team recaptured their district title, won their 1st major invitational at the GMU meet, and placed 3rd at the regional and state meets - Boy’s Varsity basketball team had a district record of 11-3 - Varsity wrestling team won all their matches except their tie with Fairfax - Golf team placed 2nd in the District Tournament - Girl’s varsity basketball team defeated TC Williams for the first time ever - Awesome Marching Chargers, Drill Team, and cheerleaders kept us pumped up - Purple Tide yearbook and newspaper staffs, Art & Literacy Magazine, and the Quill & Scroll kept us informed and provided us with beautiful memories - Drama department, Technical Theatre Thespians, Just Say No, and Story Book Theatre gave us awesome entertainment and inspiration - Choir and bands provided us with beautiful music - FBLA, VICA, SGA, International Relations, and Student Leadership gave us skills and learning for our future Back in 1987: - Gallon of gas: $1.07 - New Auto: $7,012 - Average Income: $14,348 - Televangelist Jim Bakker resigned amid accusations of sexual infidelity and financial impropriety - The Food and Drug Administration approved anti-AIDS drug AZT - Three Men and a Baby was the top grossing film - "Walk Like An Egyptian" by The Bangles spent the most time at the top of the US charts - Full House, Married with Children, and Star Trek: The Next Generation premiered Wow! So much has changed. We would love to see how you have changed, and how you’ve stayed the same. Please spread the word about the reunion, and submit or update your information (or anyone else’s information that you have) in the box on the right. We hope you are as excited as we are, Your Reunion Committee p.s. Please dig out your old high school photos and send them to Kim so they can be included in the 20-year slide show (address below). p.s.s. If anyone has stumbled upon our treasured slide show carousel of memories from the 10-year reunion, please send it C.O.D. to: Kim Sexton 4624 Forrest Shadow Avenue Las Vegas, NV 89139

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