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W.T. Woodson High School Class Of 1987-1987

W.T. Woodson High School Class Of 1987-1987
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Welcome W.T. Woodson High School Class Of 1987!
Welcome WTW Class of 1987! 1987... Seems impossible that it has been that long since we last walked the halls of Woodson High School and that we are gearing up for our 20th High School Reunion. But as impossible as it seems, it's true - as one look in the mirror can attest (at least for a large majority of us!). So much has happened in our own personal lives and in the world - it's truly a different place from the one we knew back in '87. As many have us have come to see, it's our friendships have played a major role in maintaining some semblance of order and happiness in this ever-changing world. Our 20th reunion is a great way for us to visit with friends we have managed to keep in touch with and also a way for us to renew those bonds with people we have grown away from as our live have taken different directions. So dust off your yearbooks and your memories of all things Woodson back in 1987. Register on this website and share information about your current life and try to dredge up memories so you have something to talk about in September 2007: flower parties for our Homecoming floats, learning how to drive in the WTW parking lot, hanging out in the halls at break, avoiding Mr. Thompson, Friday night football games, painting the bleachers, 'sock-hops' in the cafeteria... what else? The more people who can make it to the reunion, the better. Make sure your friends have heard about this web site and spread the word. If you're interested in getting some publicity for your business, please consider buying an ad in our reunion program - the funds will go toward reducing our ticket costs so that we can have an even more fabulous event. Let us know how you're interested in helping when you enter your information at the Capital Reunions website. Your Reunion Committee, Laurie Woodward Ferguson Steve Yannarell Mike Southern Sarah Smith Cooper Beth Keough White

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