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Langley High School Class Of 1986-1986

Langley High School Class Of 1986-1986
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Welcome Langley High School Class Of 1986!
What was going on in 1986... On the radio: Bruce Springsteen, John Cougar Mellancamp, Van Halen, The Romantics, Peter Gabriel’s Sledgehammer, Dire Straits, Motely Crue, Madonna Prince. On the Big Screen: Top Gun, Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, Back to the Future, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. In the news: Space Shuttle Challenger Explodes, Nuclear Accident at Chernobyl endangers USSR & Europe, Oliver North implicated in Iran-Contra operation. In the economy: Minimum wage is $3.35, gasoline is $.93/gallon, and stamps are $.22. Here’s a trip down memory lane: Friday night football games, painting the posts, Senior Parking Spaces, Powder Puff Football, BRUUUUUUCE!, jean jackets, legwarmers, high-top Reeboks, Member’s Only, parachute pants, big hair and bangs, Arnie, Georgetown, Senior Prank Day, Rugby, Beach Week, lunch at McDonald’s, Pep-Rally’s, Homecoming and Prom, Senior Skip Day, and the Senior Social! Be sure to check out the Class Contacts page (see box at right) and if you don't see your information listed, please add your profile with your current contact information. If you have information about others who aren't on the list, please tell them about the website and encourage them to submit their Profile. Your contact information is essential in order for us to tell you of our plans for these amazing events! We will also need to send out invitations and other event details; expect to see them in email and home mail. It is critical to have as many people as possible registered with our website as soon as possible so we can plan our ‘rockin’ weekend. Even if you are not sure if you can make it, we’d love to have your contact information so we can all reconnect! The Reunion Committee is excited to work with Capital Reunions! We are going to make this a fun-filled reunion weekend! Be sure to check back frequently for reunion updates and to reconnect with old classmates! If you have any questions, just fire us an email at! We’ll be back in touch soon! Save the Date for October 20th and 21st and join us for a Langley High School Football game, Post Game Party at The Old Brogue and Saturday night at The Tower Club at Tyson's for a fabulous reunion party! All events included in the ticket price. Discount hotel rooms will be available at the Sheraton Premiere Hotel at Tyson's. Your 20-Year Reunion Committee - dedicated to making this fun Fun FUN! Katie Blair Erin MacGillivray Hart Ben Miller Anj Ilano Murphy

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