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Falls Church High School Class Of 1996-1996

Falls Church High School Class Of 1996-1996
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Welcome Falls Church High School Class Of 1996!
’96 Kix!!! I bet you thought (and probably hoped) you wouldn’t hear that again so soon! Here we are, however, a quick decade later. Although I know it may seem like this reunion snuck up on you, think about some of these distant 90’s events and you’ll realize how long ago our high school years really were: - The internet was becoming popular. The what? Did we know what that was in HS? - Unfortunately, so was the Macarena. - Cell phones were becoming popular (but they were still the size of a brick, right?) Time to trade in the ol’ pager! - OJ. Let’s get together, catch up on old times and have a party to celebrate ten years since we all walked the halls of Falls Church High School. Re-connect with friends you might have lost touch with, kick back and have a good time. Did I mention the open bar? I encourage all of you to come to this incredible event—you won’t be disappointed; that is, unless you decide to stay home... July 22, 2006 at the Fairview Marriott—see you all there! Greg Weik Please take the time to submit a profile and update your current contact information so that we may keep you informed of the reunion plans.

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