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James Madison High School Class Of 1996-1996

James Madison High School Class Of 1996-1996
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Welcome James Madison High School Class Of 1996!
Hello JMHS Class of 1996! Itís hard to believe itís been 10 years since Jerry Maguire topped the box office, the Dallas Cowboys were Super Bowl champions, and The Macarena was the best selling single of the year (we didnít believe it either, but its true). If that doesnít make you feel old, then click here to check out some more memories of 1996. Our 10 year reunion will be held on Saturday, October 21st at the Hyatt Reston Town Center. This is the official reunion website and will continuously be updated with information on the event itself, as well as contact information for our classmates. Email us your photos from your days as a Warhawk! Please email along any photos to the Reunion Committee via the link on this website, and make sure to provide captions and the names of the people in the photos. Weíll get them posted on this website and give everyone a chance to make fun of your mid-90ís hair style! If your current employer or business (or you personally) would like to help defray the costs of the reunion through sponsorship, please let one of us know no later than May 1st. Sponsors will be recognized on this webpage and with a sign at the reunion. Also, we are in the process of setting up an event in Vienna the Friday night before the reunion for anyone that is around. Please feel free to pass along any suggestions for places and check back here frequently for updates. See you on October 21st! JMHS Class of 1996 Reunion Committee: Gerry OíShea, Keith Lammersen, and Morgan Gallagher

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