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Lake Braddock Secondary School Class Of 1986-1986

Lake Braddock Secondary School Class Of 1986-1986
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Welcome Lake Braddock Secondary School Class Of 1986!
Bruins, Bruins, hats off to thee! In the past twenty years, we’ve traded in:If everything old is new again, what has really changed? Just like Madonna, legwarmers, and popped collars – we’re back in style and virtually ageless. (Okay, let’s live on Fantasy Island for just a little while longer.) Anyway, we each still have a little Bruin inside of us. Let him roar at the LBSS Class of ‘86 20th Reunion on September 30, 2006. Find out what has gone down in the TWO DECADES since we reigned the hallowed halls of Subschool VI: Who has had the most kids? (Or the most wives?) Who got rich in the bubble and then lost it all? Who became a teacher and now rules the school in a different way? Who’s having a midlife crisis? Who got famous? Who wishes high school had never ended? The Reunion Committee is planning a weekend chock-full of events September 29-October 1, including a football game on Friday night, a family event and the centerpiece, Saturday night’s Reunion at Sheraton Premiere in Tysons Corner. But we need your help! Please submit your contact information so you will be in the loop. And please tell everyone you know from LBSS ’86 so they can tell two friends, and they can tell two friends, and so on, and so on… Don’t miss it. Need more reasons to show up?Thanks and we look forward to seeing you at the 20-year celebration. Your Reunion Committee, Laura (Bishop) Fiveash, Jay DuHadway, Amy (Schleede) Marchiando, Stacey (Harris) Guckes, Kristin McCracken

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