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South Lakes High School Class Of 1986-1986

South Lakes High School Class Of 1986-1986
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Welcome South Lakes High School Class Of 1986!
Hey Seahawks, Believe it or not it's been 20 years since we graced the halls of South Lakes High School. Time has certainly gone by quickly. Our 10 reunion was a great success and it's that time again. Time to catch up, reminisce, renew old friendships and make some new ones. Even more's time to have some fun! (we always did that well!) Homecoming will be held October 27th and we'll planning a weekend of reunion events. We are happy to have hired Capital Reunions to assist us with this fun but daunting task. A committee has been formed to pull everything together but we still need your help. Please forward this info to anyone you still keep in touch with from our class. We are looking for classmates, teachers, coaches and even our principals. It's sure to be a fantastic time and we hope you all can make it. We are interested in putting up a website for the class of 86 so if any of you are web designers or can assist with that please contact us. We are also looking for old photos as well as any 80's memorabilia you still have. Please continue to check the Capital Reunions website for updates or you can contact Shari or Daphne directly at Look forward to seeing you all! Committee: Shari Green and Daphne (Watts) Gillie [Co-chairs], Leon Dockery, Sonja Twiford, Roy Learnard, Noelle (Byrum) Kniemeyer, Dean Sonderegger, Christine Andrews, Stephanie (Carroll) Marques, Joanne (Salmon) Copperthite, Amanda (Miller) Dyer, Julie (Wang) Koh, Jenny Nygard, Melissa (Siene) O'Rourke, Chrissy (Pittack) Triano, Jennifer (Volgenau) Wiley, Laurie (Carter) Tuft, Lale' (Dogruyol) Bonner, Nancy Fuller, and Trace Smitherman.

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