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Herndon High School Class Of 1986-1986

Herndon High School Class Of 1986-1986
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Welcome Herndon High School Class Of 1986!
Has it really been 20 years since we walked the halls of Herndon High School, crossing paths at the main intersection? Now that most of us have gotten over the initial shock of how long it's actually been, it's time to get excited about coming together again and celebrating this milestone. While big hair and shoulder pads are a thing of the past, it will be fun to revive some of those great 80's tunes, share old pictures, and reconnect with lost friends. It should be a weekend filled with memorable moments and lots of laughter as we reminisce about our high school days and catch up on the last two decades. We're thrilled to have Capital Reunions helping us and hope that everyone has marked their calendar for Saturday, September 16th of THIS year! Please continue to check this web site for more details in the coming months. We look forward to seeing you soon! Your Reunion Committee, Kelly Burnette, Tanya Markey Leary, Tammy Gibson Edgemond, Christine Dalton Dean The Committee If you'd like to help with a slideshow, a possible memory book, or the family picnic, please e-mail the committee. Images for slideshow Please send us your scanned images from high school and more recent times to (preferably in JPEG files at 300 dpi resolution) and we'll do our best to include them. Family Picnic We're planning a family picnic for all registered reunion attendees and their families for Saturday, September 16th from 11am-2pm at Butch & Monica Sevila's home. Details will be sent when you register for the reunion. Sponsorships! Thanks to Butch Sevila, Dave Hilty, John Polishuk, Jimmy Donahue, Todd Brydges, Joe Livingood and Brian McNicholas for sponsoring our reunion weekend and helping with the picnic. Special thanks to Paul Krohn for donating one of his fabulous cakes for our evening event at the Sheraton. If anyone is interested in sponsoring our reunion weekend please e-mail the committee. Maybe you have a business to promote or you'd just like to contribute in some way. Business owners can use this as a TAX DEDUCTION!

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