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Fairfax High School Class Of 1990-1990

Fairfax High School Class Of 1990-1990
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Welcome Fairfax High School Class Of 1990!

"Ok, So Where Are We Now" Fairfax High School Class of 1990?  20 Years later!?! Where has the time gone?? Hard to believe how different life was then...

-Hold on by Wilson Phillips was the #1 song June 15, 1990

-Most watched TV shows - The Simpsons and Seinfeld (whatís a TiVo??)

-Top movies - Home Alone and Dances with Wolves

-Top singers and songs for the year- Because I Love You (Stevie B),     Cradle of Love (Billy Idol), Step by Step (New Kids on the Block),    I Wish It Would Rain Down (Phil Collins)

-Super Bowl was won by San Francisco 49ers, Detroit won NBA, Cincinnati       won World Series and Edmonton won the Stanley Cup

-President George Bush and VP J Danforth Quayle

-Cost of 4 year college in 1990 - $8,238

-Average income $29,943; gallon gas $1.16; new car $9,437; new home

      $149,800; stamp $0.25

-Minimum wage $3.80

-Remember these??????

      Pay phones, VHS tapes, cassette tapes, records, getting up to     CHANGE the TV channel, no AC at school, Sony Walkman

      Your 1990 Reunion Committee is working very hard with Capital Reunions to create an awesome weekend full of events! Although the majority will be done by Capital, we are going to need all our classmates to go thru your address books, Facebook, email and MySpace pages to help spread the word! Letís find everyone we can! If you are able to contribute your time, photos, ideas or memorabilia (that will be returned), please contact us. No matter where you live, we CAN use your help!!

      Be sure to keep your information updated on the reunion website so that you are kept up-to-date of our reunion schedule!! (Contact information is strictly for the committee and for mailing reunion invitations) What a great opportunity to see old friends and make new ones! Join us on Saturday September 11, 2010 at the Fair Lakes Hyatt and take a wonderful trip down Memory Lane! (Special room rates will be available as well as shuttle service to the airport)

Best wishes,

Your Reunion Committee

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